Fire Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

A scary thought for many homeowners, house fires become a reality for over 24,000 Canadians every year. Should a house fire be large enough, it can cause significant damage to your home, destroy your possessions, and even result in the total destruction of your house – not to mention the risk they pose to you and the members of your household.

Luckily, many house fires are avoidable by following these prevention tips and maintaining a good household prevent plan.


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Things Property Owners Need To Know About Taking Care Of Property During A Northern Albertan Winter

Winter can be a wonderful time. But it’s also a time of extreme weather, especially in northern Alberta. Blizzards, accumulated snow, extreme cold, and ice accumulations can threaten your property and the safety of others.

Two main issues property owners and lessees need to make plans for include managing the snow on roofs and snow removal from parking lots, sidewalks, emergency exits, stairs, and doorways.

Creating a good plan is key to staying on top of these common winter risks. First, let’s discuss the snow management of roofs.

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Things Your Insurance Broker Cares About When Buying A New Home

Buying a new home is exciting – and sometimes stressful. As you look into finding a home that you love, make sure that you avoid (or, at least, stay aware of), these common features that can drive up your insurance.

What is Your Home Constructed Out of?

The materials chosen during the building process can make a big impact on your insurance. Some siding materials, for example, are more flammable than others, leading to higher premiums on your home.

The same goes for roofing materials and other interior choices. Mainly, insurance companies will look at the siding and roofing materials with respect to:

  1. How easy they are to damage or destroy. This could be from fire, hail, wind, or other factors.
  2. How well…

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